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A comparison of debouncing techniques in various contexts

  1. Why do we need debouncing?
  2. Debouncing in a React class component
  3. Debouncing in a React functional component
  4. Debouncing using React hooks

Understanding Requirements

We are trying to build a user analytics system where every user action must be tracked and stored for later reporting and behavioral analysis. Let’s think of something similar to Google analytics or Segment that we are building in-house.

  1. Every user is given a unique user_id and that will help us identify the user across the board
  2. The sequence in which the user performs actions must be preserved…

A summary of features available in TypeScript v3.6+ you should definitely pay attention to.

A brief overview of pure replacement functions over Lodash/Underscore.js

Functional Programming Illustrated

What is functional programming anyway?

There are many ways to explain functional programming as a concept, but the definition below is succinct:

Look ma, no JS! Less-known HTML elements that you should start using…

Pure HTML Capabilities

Build a Lambda function that pulls data from Postgres DB to Google Spreadsheet.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Patterns and Anti-patterns for managing State based on Props

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

A hands-on guide with live examples

The more your tests resemble the way your software is used, the more confidence they can give you.

Let’s learn how the testing library helps us…

  1. Build a search bar to quickly search for a customer by first or last name or a unique short code.
  2. Should support type-ahead search with results being refined with more keystrokes
  3. Search should be possible by first, middle or last name or full name.
  4. If there are two or more customers with same name, order them by their created time with the most recent one at the top


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